Our Services

  • Refrigerator

    Now a days Refrigerators are very common in every house and shops, due to increase of temperatures people are fond to take everything cool...

  • Washing Machine

    Gone are the days of washing our clothes ourselves, as the technology is being increased scientists inventing new types of washing machines...

  • Air Conditioner

    Now a days while the temperatures are increasing day by day, air conditioners are the one of the best ways to beat the heat...

  • Microwave Oven

    Earlier people used to cook by using wood from trees which was very hard for ladies and when the days are going on new kind of items came into...

  • TV's

    When the people used to listen radios, television came into market which was not guessed by so many.

Our Services Price Details

  • Washing Machines : Service Charages Rs.350/-
  • Refrigerators : Service Charages Rs.350/-
  • Air Conditioners : Service Charages Rs.650/-
  • Microwave Ovens : Service Charages Rs.350/-
  • Water Purifiers : Service Charages Rs.450/-
  • TV's LCD, LED, Plasma tv : Service Charages Rs.400/-
  • all TV's Installations : Service Charages Rs.800/-
  • All AC's Installations : Service Charages Rs.1500/-
  • AC's Gas Refilling : Charages Rs.1800/-
  • Refrigerator Gas Refilling : Charages Rs.1800/-
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